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Arulraja - Trainer for Transformation

Years of search for the true causes of poverty of those who really work hard: A thing that his Master's in Economics failed to teach him - led Arulraja to personally explore by living with the poor Yanadi Tribes in Prakasam Dt in AP. Arulraja believes that we create poverty, blissfully ignorant of and blind to our abundant resources and opportunities. With his getting introduced to Neuro-Linguistic Programming - a modern branch of psychology - and using it in rural development contexts very successfully, he helped poor women establish multi-crore businesses of their own. The International Labour Organization got Arulraja to author a NLP based Training Manual afor use among women in self help groups.

Training the rural poor, and the IAS and other Officers in Rural Development Mninistry of the Government of AP for five years helped Arulraja develop training modules on Leadership, Goal Setting, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Behavior Transformation, Stress-Management, etc., all focused on helping individuals and organizations reach higher levels of achievements. His success as trainer got him his first Corporate job as the first Training Manager of Meru Cab Co in Bangalore, and then as Senior Manager Training in India Finserve Advisors P Ltd. After showing his capability as successful Manager in Companies,now he teaches at St Jospeh's Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Arulraja's Professional Skills

Completely reconceptualize leading-edge Transformative Training

Our beliefs and assumptions determine the limits of our knowledge and behaviour. Examining and challening our beliefs and assumptions can awaken us from our follies and help us stretch and grow. Arulraja's training makes it possible to enjoy the task of examining beliefs and assumptions and to restructure life on new paths.

Very high levels of enthusiasm, suprise, and a very strong desire to change are characteristic of Arulraja's training. Trainees see the world with new eyes, discover opportunities to develop much further, far beyond culture set limits. Do give yourself and your people an unprecedented opportunity to go beyond irrational fetters we got accustomed to live with.


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