Arulraja Offers You


Leadership with substance

Lead self and others, solidly, beyond limits set by culture, belief, values, and stress. Remove blocks to achieve collective goals. Learn to use vision. For a model session plan Click Here


Transform. Not Tinker!

We live, acting out the sript others wrote for us. Arulraja empowers you to script your life, the way you always desired it to be. Many trainees find this training "an opportunity of a life time" For a brochure Click Here


Build Teams

Find effective ways to instruct your people to cooperate. Remember, only those feelnig secure with self can cooperate with others. Arulraja builds self-image of trainees, and enable them to cooperate. For a brochure Click Here


Less Stress - More Productivity

Innauculate yourself and your people from stress and its consequences. Arulraja teaches you to relax your body, mind and spirit scientifically. For a brochure Click Here

Our Capabilities

We help develop your business by 'modeling' very successful businesses

Model those who succeeded phenominally well. Extraordinary success will be yours. NLP is the modern psychological science of "modeling" success!

Arulraja gets you the best of technologies

Arulraja has varied specialisations: Economics, Philosophy, Law, Body Massage, Management Science, Theology, Teaching, Authoring and Publishing, Entrepreneurship... He also brings you great tools from Epi-genetics, Spirituality etc.

Seamlessly Integrated to Develop You!

Varied sciences don't stand apart, but get wonderfully inegrated into your development agenda and practices.

Praise for Arulraja's Training and Books...

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