"Transforming Training: Arulraja's NLP"

Much like how Computers and Programs replaced unique door-keys with universal (re-programmable) swipe-cards, Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP]
has replaced old training programs that produced unique results with universal mind-tools to reprogram set-minds, and achieve any result you desire.
Welcome to this new era of Generic Transformational NLP Training, to achieve phenomenal results of your choice, with ease, elegance and speed!

Arulraja Simplifies NLP

Steve Jobs said, "Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains."

As Arulraja started NLP training with the rural poor, he had to make it simple. And, the simplicity did move mountains.

Dr. Dick McHugh (PhD in NLP) observes in his Foreword to Arulraja's NLP book: "The NLP community can be proud of this book. It does in practice what we, of the NLP community, say is so important: make the language easy for all. There are no big terms used! Mr. Arulraja uses all the concepts of NLP without the difficult words."

The magnificent results achieved inspired the International Labour Organization to invite Arulraja to write a Training Manual for ILO:

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Arulraja's NLP Transforms

Inside a cocoon, a worm transforms into a beautiful butterfly!

With Arulraja's NLP, trainees transform themselves from very deep within, assuming new values, beliefs, identities, and meaning systems (also called spirituality).

The inner transformation is focused on helping them progress towards what Peter Senge describes as Personal Mastery.

"People with a high level of personal mastery are able to consistently realize the results that matter most deeply to them." - Peter Senge

Late Dr. Verghese Kurien - Amul Dairy Chairman - acknowledges Arulraja's ability to effect deep level transformation saying: "Using a psychological tool - Neuro Linguistic Programming - Mr. Arulraja has effectively proved that it is possible to address the challenges arising from the mind."

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Uniqueness of Arulraja's NLP

Arulraja's NLP has many enriching properties.

He brings you information from his academic studies in Philosophy, Theology, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Law, Management; his readings from NLP, Appreciative Inquiry, Fifth Discipline, Epigenetics, Spirituality...

Analyzing behaviour from a socio-cultural perspective helps him focus training very deep, and achieve behaviour transformation that is profound and lasting.

He has vast work experience: Senior Manager Training in Corporate Sector, Rural Development Trainer for illiterate poor and their elite IAS Officers, Consultancy to Government of AP for 5 yrs, Training of University Professors, Entrepreneurs, Students, life as a Jesuit for 21 years, Author-Publisher of two Books...

He takes a holistic approach to training. Ex: his training "Freedom from Stress" teaches self-massage for body, NLP for the mind, and Meditation for the Spirit

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Latest Training Offer

In one day: Freedom From Stress!

You see everywhere a great surge in the incidence of diseases caused by stress - frustrating the aspirations of young people to perform at peak levels and to achieve desired levels of progress.

Arulraja brings you a "One Day Training for Freedom from Stress" to assist you tackle your Stress related issues.

BODY: Whatever damage stress has done to your body, you could learn and rectify with simple self-massage that relaxes tensed muscles and nerves; Also, you can activate and speed up your self-healing process.

MIND:Learn and use simple NLP tools to guide your mind to handle potentially stressful life-work-situations with care; And, you won't be affected by the situation. Also, NLP exercises can free you from past pain filled memories that haunt you, besides insulating you from future shocks!

SPIRIT: Learn to spend a few minutes in awareness of body, particularly, breathing. It will help you bring your unconscious mind to a relaxed state. The unconscious mind running wild is one important reason why activities governed by it, like, the heart-beat, BP, Sugar Levels etc are disturbed!